Bring Down Your Accommodation Expense Using A Hotel Rate Comparison Site

There is always tension circling the cost of a hotel room. Hotels run autonomously that implies you can not anticipate the cost as they change it frequently. It will certainly not be uncommon if they request for various prices for identical spaces in a certain hotel. Actually, rate depends on numerous elements that you may not be mindful of. Things like how you reserved the room and when you booked will certainly have a big influence on the price. The finest way to see to it that you get the very best rate offered it is essential to be able to make a hotel cost comparison.

There are a number of methods to book a hotel room like visiting the site of the hotel where reservation choice is readily available or checking out the hotel personally if you wish to be over-sure about your booking. It will certainly not be very reliable for hotel contrast since a large amount of time and effort will certainly have to be provided. The problem is twofold one there are a great deal of hotels in most cities, especially popular tourist locations, making it impossible to discover out the cost of every hotel. The other problem is that hotels often aren’t very forthcoming with their rates. There websites rarely just note a room rate, usually need to actually book a room simply to discover out the rate.

A third-party agency can lower your inconvenience of booking a hotel space to some extent. This can be either a travel representative or an online reservation web site like Expedia. Because they reserve spaces in bulk they can work out a better rate and after that pass the savings on to you. However, as they have agreement with some particular hotels, you will certainly not understand if there is a better handle another hotel in the exact same area. You will surely delight in some discount rates from the hotel that you select, but you may be sorry for missing the finest deal out there.

In order to solve this problem resourceful site owners have actually created sites that allow you to make hotel cost contrasts on the offers from the different online booking websites. Therefore, your inconvenience of discovering an appropriate hotel will certainly be significantly decreased. The leading rated hotels in a city can be viewed at a look with the very best rates of each hotel. This makes it an extremely simple matter to discover the hotel that provides the very best rate for when you wish to stay.

Top 4 hotel secrets for travelers

Flipping a hotel room costs $30-40 per day on an average. All other costs associated with the hotel employees and their services like cleaning supplies, electricity, mini-bar attendants, hourly wages of maids, and the cost of washing of the sheets are included. Travelers can see why the hotel business is so profitable by comparing the hotel room’s operational cost to the average hotel room rent rates.

If they want to book a hotel room, below are top 4 secrets that travelers should be privy to;

1) The Possibility of Getting Walked:

Booking rooms at 10% over capacity is usually an average hotel practice. That someone has to get walked by the hotel because of the number of guests who show up. 10 percent is the average no-show rate of customers. Someone has to get walked by the hotel, when all the guests show up Sometimes. For the inconvenience and get them a room at a comparable or slightly lower grade hotel, meaning that the hotel will now pay their entire night’s room including tax plus add in one telephone call. It is only for those who have booked the hotel room for one night or to guests who are not regulars at a particular hotel. When guests act like jerks to the hotel staff, they are likely to be walked.

2) Complain Smartly:

Most issues are not caused by the front desk at all despite the fact that most complaints are directed at the front desk. Going to the front desk and telling them about your issue and asking questions on whom you should speak about the complaint to be a smart away to complain. Be polite about it in addition. The front desk attendant can solve many problems; you have to make sure that he does it. Doing something about it after listening to you is one way of making sure that the front desk attends to your complaint. Letting him know that you now have leverage over him and can complain to the management if he doesn’t resolve your issue is done through asking for his name.

3) Get an Upgrade:

“All rooms are the same” is what Travelers hear a lot of front desk agents saying. A few rooms in the hotel which have a bigger bed, bigger flat screen, better bathroom or just a better view are always available. You can ensure that the upgraded room is yours for the night by providing the front desk agent with a good tip. You can get many value-adding amenities like late check outs, free movie, free mini-bar or other discounted hotel deals that are not advertised about, Even if the hotel does not have a better room. Don’t hesitate to ask for one when you get to a hotel, hotel desk agents are authorized to provide upgrades for special occasions it is not a bribe.

4) Let the Bellboy Carry Your Suitcase: ever since 1970 when the wheeled suitcase came out, it has been the bane of bellboys’ existence. Guests no longer have need of bellboys to carry their hefty luggage Because of the wheeled suitcases; they can wheel it in themselves. Bellboys get fewer tips which leave their household bills unpaid because of this. Give some consideration to the bellboy too the next time you book a room in a hotel.

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Hotels for the Frequent Travelers

Hotel 4

Staying at hotels on a regular basis is nothing new, if you are a frequent business traveler. You also want to make sure that the hotel you’re staying in provides the services and amenities that’ll suit both your business as well as personal needs, which in addition to the location of a facility is probably one of the most important features. When arranging your next business trip, here are some things to consider;


Your trip itinerary and meeting locations is often determined by the location of your accommodations. Consider facilities that are centrally located to the meetings if you are going to be meeting with different clients over several days. An airport facility may be the better option if you’re just seeing a customer for the day. You can locate accommodations near landmarks, such as an airport or a downtown attraction, if you use the many popular hotel and travel search engines.

Relative to where you’ll need to travel for your business, if you enjoy staying at a particular chain browse their website for your destination and click on a map of their location.

Room Selections

Two double beds and a single queen or king bed are what most hotels will have for standard room options. Non-smoking and smoking rooms, contained on designated floors of the facility are also offered in some hotels. Features in the room such as a seating area, small desk, storage, small refrigerator, coffee maker or other things that may be important to your stay are some of the things you need to look out for.

Business related features

For the frequent traveler who needs to stay connected and productive while on the road, most hotels are known to have business-friendly services. Setting one place apart from the rest are features that may include:

Free Wi-Fi 

A business center for making, copies, printing, scanning of documents and sending fax,  a secure storage facility for important documents or equipment, Shuttle transportation to downtown or airports, or assistance with rental cars, limousine and taxi service are some of the useful services which should be availed.


Find out the dining options offered by the hotel before you make reservations because you will want to plan for your meals when you won’t be with customers. A minimum and a continental style breakfast are some of the options hotels offer. An option for entertaining your clients is to book a hotel with a restaurant inside the facility. You will have a range of options if needed because facilities in major metro areas are usually close to many restaurants.

Other Amenities

You may want to enjoy other services, if you are going to have some free time during your trip. These may include;

  • A gym  or Fitness Center
  • outdoors pool  or indoors
  • Massage services
  • Spa services
  • Athletic courts for basketball, tennis or racquetball

If you’ll have some extra time, do enjoy yourself, though hotels with these features may cost a bit more. Pay attention to the star rating and customer reviews provided, when making reservations. For comfortable and conducive environment for your business, make sure that the hotels you are looking at have the services and feature you need.

Know the Top 5 Spots in Singapore

A small island country located in South Eastern Asia is Singapore. It has a growing population, and takes pride of its verdant greeneries, parks, and natural parks, which is the reason why it becomes more popular among tourists. The city is a combination of the Malay, India, and Chinese culture and provides a unique experience for every traveller visiting its wonderful attractions.

Visiting these places will make your Singapore trip complete.

Singapore River

The Singapore River is where you can find the combination of old and new. This is the place where the past and present conspire. It was believed that the colony of Raffles was built here. Today, a lot of central Government buildings are still here. However, The South is where the skyscrapers where banks as well as other important offices are located. The famous hotspots in Singapore such as Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, and Robertson Quay lie between the two banks.

Orchard Road

This road is perfect for tourist who wants to do shopping. It is located north of the Singapore River and west of the central business district. It is also home to extravagant and fascinating malls. The orchard trees along the road help prevent shoppers from the scorching heat of the sun.

China Town

There is always a history in every place. Upon your strolling in the streets of China town, you will be able to see a touched of China. There are small shops selling plastic Buddhas and dried sea horses. China town is also a home for brilliant performances. Upon strolling at the pedestrian mall of Trengganu Street, you might witness a glance of live rehearsals. There are accessories and traditional knick-knacks available that you can fill to your bags. The street food here will satisfy your appetite and will make you remember the flavours for many times.

Little India

Little India is another attraction in Singapore. This place rebuilds the Indian flavour but continue to preserve the architecture and art of Singapore. Shophouses are bearing the icons of Singapore; however, the boards are in Tamil, Bengali, and Hindi. Saris, gold bangles, and spices are the items sold in these shops.


Sentosa Island

If you are young at heart, then Sentosa island is best for you. The tickets would be cheaper if you combine other tourist spots and Sentosa island. A clear view of Sentosa, Singapore and Southern islands are offered by the Tiger sky tower. At the Dolphin’s island you can play, leap, and dive into the waters. You will have a glance of the ocean with big fishes and sharks in the walk through aquariums. However, if you want to enjoy the sunshine and the sea, then the Sentosa islands is the best for you.

Top Five Things You Must Try in South Korea


One of the countries in East Asia that is less visited is South Korea. However, this country takes pride of rich history and culture and its eye-catching scenery. Of course, adding to the attraction of the country is the pleasant Korean people who are friendly to every visitor. South Korea has an amazing difference of the old and new. It offers attractions worth exploring with the top five discussed below.

Spend Time in visiting the ancient capital of Gyeongju

Gyeongju is the capital city of the longest surviving kingdom in the entire Korean history, and if you want to know the history of South Korea, then take time to visit the place. You will find here the many parts of the city that is chosen as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, plus you will also find the ‘living museum’ as well.

Explore the Gyeongbokgung Palace

Dubbed as the ‘Greatly Blessed by Heaven’, the wonderful Gyeongbokgung Palace is the grandest among the five palaces built by the Joseon Dynasty. It was originally built in 1395 and was restored repeatedly due to fire and war damages. Today, there are only 40 % of the original palace building that can be seen. This is the best way to know South Korea’s rich history and culture.

Go for a Ride in a bullet train

As opposite to the ancient buildings being mentioned above, you will have a more insight of the modern life of South Korea by riding one of the high-speed bullet trains. The starting point of the Gyeongbu Line is at Seoul. Board in one of the trains in the capital city and reach the city of Busan. The train’s speed is up to 177mph, and it will take 2 hours to reach Busan.

Discover Mount Gaya National Park

It was in 1972 when it was declared as National Park because if its splendid scenery. Popular temples, highest peak in Korea, and standing Buddha engraved into a rock face is found in Mount Gaya National Park. This far-flung part of South Korea has been untouched during the Korean wars. The unscathed beauty of the park is much appreciated by both locals and tourists. There you will see valley upon valley such as the Hongryudong valley. The reflection of the crimson foliage makes its water red.

Relax on Haeundae beach

Haeundae beach is hailed as the best beach in South Korea. It is very popular with visitors and many visitors are attracted to this beach during summer. The beach is clean and hosts various events throughout the year. The beach is popular because of the thousands of parasols around the beach. The white sand that is full of shells that are eroded naturally is breathtaking.

Learn How to Plan Your Trip in London


People from all walks of life are considering London as a great destination since for its rich culture and history and the great monuments found in the city. Here are some tips that you might considered if you are planning for a London trip this year.

London is home to the one of the busiest and largest airport systems in the world. Make sure to book as early as possible to avoid overspending.

Before landing in the city, make sure to book early online. This is important since public transport in London is unavailable in late hours.

Booking your accommodation is the next thing you need to do. Nonetheless, you need to do an extensive research before you do a booking. The hotels located in Central London are the best choice since they are accessible to various iconic places and travelling from one place to another is easier. Regardless of the hotels you want, London has it all. Read various reviews and choose one the best fits your budget.

When planning for your travel, see to it that you have advance information regarding the upcoming events, the local weather, and other significant information.

Make sure that your interest and the offerings of the city have matched as you are planning to visit the various attractions in the city.

You can read more about London in various travel blogs and travel forums. Tourists will surely enjoy the offering of London. Make sure that you will visit the popular museum like the British Museum, National Gallery and more if you are a lover of art and history.

The weather in London is unpredictable during the most seasons. Make sure that you prepared all your clothes needed with the extreme changes in the weather in London.

It would be best if you know how to drive in the left hand side lane if you opt to drive in London. A lot of foreign drivers are uncomfortable of this.

Read the do’s and don’ts of the city for a safer travel while in the city.

London is home to many free attractions and all these are the most visited. Grab the chance to have a free visit in one of the finest cities in the world.

Experience Diversity in India

India takes pride of its diversity. There are various cultures and traditions being practiced in the country. There are many languages spoken in by billions of people. Furthermore, a rich cultural heritage and history is offered by this nation.

The diversity that India offers is unique compared to any country in the world. You can experience the diversity in colours when you spend some time in visiting this beautiful country. The colour and smell of the country is the first thing you will observe. The colourful people and its spices are what make India well known. The spicy taste of its food is the trademark of India.

India is not a country as what we know today. Back then, the British came in the country and it was ruled by various kings. The political control was under the British and united them under their rule. They named the country, India. When the independence was granted to India in 1947, they called it India. India has a diversified culture and traditions, and not a one nation before.

When a tourist visits India, he can say that it is a country with big population and are disorganized. He will observe people walking back and forth on streets chaotically.

India had been ruled by foreign for hundred years. The culture and the society of the country are its evidence. Both Islamic and the British ruled the country for years. This can be shown in the culture of the nation. They have left many amazing monuments in India. The Taj Mahal is of the marvellous structures built by the Mughal Empire. The Indian Architecture is highly influenced by British. Several British era architectures are evident in New Delhi. One of which is the tourist attraction known as the Indian Gate.

India has a diverse climate as well. The weather is cooler in the north side of the country. The weather is hotter in the south part of the country. In the western part of the country is a desert. With this, India experienced all types of weather conditions. India also takes pride of its amazing mountains and sandy beaches. One place that is popular among foreign visitors is the Goa because of its sunny beaches. Come visit India to experience diversity in culture.